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Game Design

Mirror Dream is a First-person escape game that is based on a storyline. Players will be the main character and go through her story to find what happened to her family.

This is a game that players will tap on the screen to find the clues and go to the next scene. The mirror is the main part of this game. It works as a bag to contain all the clues players find. They can also use the mirror to change between reality and the dream world to interact with different objects.

Background story: You woke up on a bed. You did not know who you were, where you were from, and why you were here. You looked around, most things were ruined in the space. And there was a shining mirror on a table. You looked at the mirror and tapped it. (tutorial) There was a woman show up. She told you that you were dead. Your name is Q, your soul is trapped in this building. The first thing you need to know is who you are. You have to find objects that can prove your identity. And the mirror is a bridge that connects reality and the dream world. You can use the mirror to find the clues in a dream world.

Goal: Find what happened to you

Adobe Illustrator,Adobe Photoshop,Adobe XD, AutoCAD

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