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App Design

PairUp is a mobile APP that helps people create goals, track it, and concentrate on the goals to build good habits. To encourage customers to use the app, it contains a game part. They will adopt a cat/dog when the first time they use the app. There are three main components in the app, which is accept the mission, play and decoration. The first time people use the app have to finish the tutorial, then they will unlock more components to interact with the pet. 

When people are using the app, they can add goals and save it. When they begin the goal, it will ask them to set a time. Once it is set up, there will be a count down and they cannot use their phone or leave the app, otherwise, their pet will lose health points. 

ICON: This APP allows users to manage their tasks based on a timer, so the icon includes the element of a timer. At the same time, it uses paws as the design element based on the interaction between users and their pets.

App: Users will select the pet they want to adopt (the demo uses a cat as a pre-selection) and names it, then creates the document. There are three functional parts on the main page, receiving tasks, playing with pets, and decoration. After receiving and successfully completing the mission, the pet’s health will increase, and different types of skins, toys, and decorations will be unlocked. Users can view and change unlocked items under different options.

Adobe Illustrator,Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD

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